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I have been on the Internet since 2000 and I have developed Mountain Mist Productions and that really is my proudest achievement. All this time my work remained at e-book stage and I am now updating and preparing print versions. No one told me when I first began that I wouldn't have much "me" time! Yes, my mountain children do take up a lot of time, but I wouldn't have done it any other way, and now they are pushing me to put myself first for a while. Well... we'll see how that goes. I really don't feel the need to prove myself and my attitude is if someone cares to read something of mine that is both a privilege and a bonus.

The new Twyckwick Site will be launched soon. In the Interim please
let me know
if you have any queries.

I have taken the decision to only present my work in print, in line with the old-fashioned theme of Twyckwick.
This page will link to our Bookstore once the book set-ups are completed. Meanwhile you can take a sneak peak

Dead Cedar by L P King 

Dead Cedar - L P King


Australian Murder Mystery. Journalist Andrew Clovelly returns home to attend his cousin's funeral and becomes embroiled in a full-blown homicide investigation that will keep you guessing right to the end.


Raising Hannah by L P King 

Raising Hannah - L P King


A delight for dog lovers as the Author presents a tongue-in-cheek account of raising a lovable but hyperactive German Shepherd puppy in a confined space. Tips on health, socialisation and training given as Hannah, the star of the Mountain Mist Productions' Hannah's Column, steals your heart.


It all goes 'round by L P King 

It all goes 'round - L P King


Poetry Collection featuring 80 poems. All the nuances of life through the eyes of this award-winning Poet. Styles and techniques as varied as the Australian lifestyle and landscape.


Henry's Lesson by L P King 

Henry's Lesson - L P King


A delightful fairy story just right for a bedtime read with a child 3-6. Two little dogs learn that their continual arguing is why it is raining all the time - and that they are the cause of it because the fairies at the bottom of their garden are crying all the time. A good lesson in the value of learning to get along.





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