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I am so surprised at our little Radio Station. There have been some great comments and I must confess I tune in every night while I am doing computer drudge. There is a lot to choose from and being able to link overcomes the live streaming issue. I will try and make time to connect personally with some of these Stations. That is what we used to do when we first began and a lot of those people are still with us. I'd like to think we can still do that but it is very, very hard to connect with people these days. Still, I'm not ready to totally give up on everybody - yet.


It seems that Poets generally are getting restless and I am predicting some added activity soon. Fine by me. It could be quite a year for some, and as for us, we are looking into new ways of presenting our poetic works. And before you ask... yes, I am doing a CD. I just got a little waylaid but it is not very far away now. Keep an eye on The Bulletin for the news. The possibility of Poetic Podcasts sounds like a good idea....


So much to do... and the weather hasn't helped. Here in Capricornia it has been literally over-the-top with heatwaves and then thunderstorm activity and heavy rains. Thankfully I think  we missed the worst of it and we are grateful that the Members of Mountain Mist Productions have not unduly suffered. Cave-dwelling seems to have become a permanent way of life so next year we have decided we must plan accordingly. This period would be the ideal time for us all to hunker down and concentrate on our own artistic endeavours. We'll see....


We are all looking forward to opening up more of Twyckwick and that is all coming along. As I have said before, I think it will be towards the end of the year before we are looking halfway decent. Thanks for all the nice comments and I am really appreciative of the efforts of everyone involved with the project. Some have said they hope we start to earn from what we do. I won't hold my breath. You know, I like to support other businesses if I can. Anyway... as I said, I won't hold my breath....


Ooooh... It will soon be Paddy's Day. I love Paddy's Day and oh, the music! Again, check our Bulletin because I will try and do some nice things for Paddy's Day. We'll have some Free Graphics and some Greetings to share so be sure to check them out.


Sweet Irish Dreams



Keep on twyckwicking and have a Happy St Patrick's Day! Even if you are not Irish - everyone deserves some of that great humour and the love of... the Irish mist.




May the luck of the Irish possess you.

May the devil fly off with your worries.

May God bless you forever and ever.




Ireland, it's the one place on earth

That heaven has kissed

With melody, mirth,

And meadow and mist.




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See you next time!



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